Pasi Koivusaari

Managing Partner


Pasi Koivusaari is a founding partner of Boyden Finland. The office in Helsinki was established in 1988. Pasi has been working in the executive search business for more than 30 years. Before entering the search business he served one of the largest companies in Finland at the time, and was in charge of IT and later of supply chain management in a division manufacturing and selling agricultural products.

In 1982 Pasi started his Executive Search Consultant career working in a local boutique. At first he was involved with ICT area searches, but developed to a generalist during the years. Pasi works a lot with technology, finance, services, and industrial companies. He has also taken care of several projects for companies selling branded products. He is a member of Boyden’s Board Search Specialty Practice.

Pasi Koivusaari has a B.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Uppsala in Sweden (1978), and before that he took a degree in marketing at a Finnish Commercial Institute. Since 1986 he has been a member of LJK, the Finnish Management Consultants Association. He acted as board member of the association for several years.

Pasi Koivusaari served as Board Member of Boyden World Corporation from 2001 to 2005 and as the Chairman of the company for two years, 2005 - 2007.

Pasi Koivusaari has been mentioned as one of the top 200 global recruiters in "The Global 200 Executive Recruiters" by Nancy Garrison-Jenn (Jossey-Bass). He was recognized in 2008 by BusinessWeek magazine as one of “the 50 Most Influential Headhunters in the World.”

Pasi Koivusaari


Managing Partner
Mikonkatu 17 A
00100 Helsinki

Phone: +358 400.605.006

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