Message from the Helsinki team

Welcome to the Boyden Finland website. We'd like to take this opportunity to take a step back and talk about Boyden as a whole, and the concept behind our unique structure. With over 70 offices spread across more than 40 countries, how do we maintain our unprecedented success?

It is the fact that our focus, Boyden's top priority, is client service and top-notch search professionals. Our priority is not shareholders, corporate managers and hierarchy pyramids; in this way, with the clients and their partners at Boyden are most important, with all other systems developed to support them. The "global community" we have built allows all offices to share global perspectives, which can then be factored into local knowledge.

The Boyden Finland office fills a critical role in our worldwide network, as one of the largest offices in the world compared with the size of the economy. With four associates covering a wide variety of industries and services -- from communications to healthcare, from interim management to board search -- Boyden Finland is both a business leader in its community, and a resource for all Boyden offices.

We appreciate your time taken to explore our website. Whether you are a potential or current client, search professional looking to make a career change, or a candidate seeking a top-quality opportunity, Boyden has something to offer.